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Registration Tokens

Registration tokens are a one-time use token for allowing a new user registration to bypass various restrictions:

  • Bypass register_allowNewRegistrations = false
  • Bypass register_disabled = true
  • Bypass captchas
  • Bypass register_allowMultipleAccounts = false
  • Bypass register_blockProxies = true
  • Bypass register_requireInvite = true
  • Bypass register_guestsRequireInvite = true
  • Bypass absolute register rate limits

To create a registration token, send a GET request to /auth/generate-registration-tokens as an account with OPERATOR rights.

There are a few query parameters available. Append them to the request URL, for example /auth/generate-registration-tokens?count=10&plain=true

Parameter Type Default Description
count int 1 The number of tokens to generate
plain bool false Return a newline separated string instead of JSON
length int 255 The length of each returned token
include_url bool false Prefix tokens with URL to register page

To use a registration token, append ?token={your registration token} to the register route. For example token