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Guild Features

Guild features are special modifiers assigned to guilds for additional functionality.

In Spacebar, guild features are stored in the features column of the guilds table as a comma separated list, with no spaces. For example, ANIMATED_ICON,BANNER,DISCOVERABLE.

A list of all guild features implemented on is available here

Below is a list of guild features that Spacebar currently implements server-side, including ones not implemented by

Feature Description
VIP_REGIONS Grants access to VIP voice regions
ALIASABLE_NAMES Allows multiple vanity URLs
VANITY_URL Allows vanity URLs
INTERNAL_EMPLOYEE_ONLY Requires all guild members be staff
INVITES_DISABLED Prevents joining this guild
CROSS_CHANNEL_REPLIES Allows replies to be from outside the current channel
ALLOW_INVALID_CHANNEL_NAMES Allow 'bad' channel names (spaces, invalid characters, etc)
IRC_LIKE_CATEGORY_NAMES Use same validation for category names as channel names
ALLOW_UNNAMED_CHANNELS Allow unnamed channels/categories
DISCOVERABLE Show this guild in Discovery