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Please see this page for information regarding database configuration or where to access it.

The CONFIG_PATH environment variable can be set to make Spacebar use a JSON file instead of a database table.

Spacebar's configuration is done through the config table of your database. The table schema consists of two columns key and value, where value is a JSON value. For now, you can update this through SQL manually or a GUI database editor such as DBeaver.

Array Types

Arrays are represented by _[number] in a config key. For example, multiple guild_defaultFeatures may be assigned such as

key value
guild_defaultFeatures_0 DISCOVERABLE
guild_defaultFeatures_1 ANIMATED_ICON
etc etc

Available Configuration Options

key default type description
gateway_endpointPrivate null string Used for internal communication with gateway
gateway_endpointPublic null string Publicly announced gateway endpoint
cdn_endpointPrivate http://localhost:3001 string See gateway_endpointPrivate
cdn_endpointPublic http://localhost:3001 string See gateway_endpointPublic
cdn_resizeHeightMax 1000 number Maximum image resize height for embeds.
cdn_resizeWidthMax 1000 number Maximum image resize width for embeds.
cdn_imagorServerUrl null string Imagor instance endpoint for external image resizing.
api_defaultVersion 9 string API version to use when not specified
api_activeVersions_0 6, 7, 8, 9 string[] Allowed API version numbers. Array.
api_endpointPublic "/api" string See gateway_endpointPublic
general_instanceName Spacebar Instance string Announced instance name
general_instanceDescription This is a Spacebar instance made in the pre-release days string Announced instance description
general_frontPage null string Announced instance front page
general_tosPage null string Announced instance TOS page
general_correspondenceEmail null string Announced instance correspondence email
general_correspondenceUserID null string Announced instance correspondence ID (from this instance)
general_image null string Announced instance image URL
general_instanceId Snowflake of instance creation date Snowflake Announced instance ID
limits_user_maxGuilds 1048576 number Maxmimum guilds a user can join
limits_user_maxUsername 127 number Maximum username length
limits_user_maxFriends 5000 number Maximum number of friends per user
limits_guild_maxRoles 1000 number Maximum number of roles in a guild
limits_guild_maxEmojis 2000 number Maximum number of emojis in a guild
limits_guild_maxMembers 25000000 number Maximum number of members in a guild
limits_guild_maxChannels 65535 number Maximum number of channels in a guild
limits_guild_maxChannelsInCategory 65535 number Maximum number of channels per category in a guild
limits_message_maxCharacters 1048576 number Maximum character count per message
limits_message_maxTTSCharacters 160 number Maximum character count per text to speech messages
limits_message_maxReactions 2048 number Maximum number of reactions per message
limits_message_maxAttachmentSize 1073741824 number Maximum total attachment size per message
limits_message_maxBulkDelete 1000 number Maximum number of messages deletable through bulk delete
limits_message_maxEmbedDownloadSize 5242880 number Maximum download size of external embeddable content
limits_channel_maxPins 500 number Maximum number of pins per channel
limits_channel_maxTopic 1024 number Maximum channel topic character length
limits_channel_maxWebhooks 100 number Maximum number of webhooks per channel
limits_rate_enabled true boolean Whether rate limits are enabled
limits_rate_ip_count 500 number Allowed number of requests per IP within window
limits_rate_ip_window 5 number IP rate limit window, in seconds
limits_rate_global_count 250 number Allowed number of requests globally within window
limits_rate_global_window 5 number Global rate limit window, in seconds
limits_rate_error_count 10 number Number of allowed errors per user within window
limits_rate_error_window 5 number User error rate limit window, in seconds
limits_rate_routes_guild_count 5 number Allowed number of /guild* requests per user within window
limits_rate_routes_guild_window 5 number User /guild* rate limit window, in seconds
limits_rate_routes_webhook_count 10 number Allowed number of /webhooks* requests per user within window
limits_rate_routes_webhook_window 5 number User /webhooks* rate limit window, in seconds
limits_rate_routes_channel_count 10 number Allowed number of /channel* requests per user within window
limits_rate_routes_channel_window 5 number User /channel* rate limit window, in seconds
limits_rate_routes_auth_login_count 5 number Allowed number of IP /login requests within window
limits_rate_routes_auth_login_window 60 number IP /login rate limit window, in seconds
limits_rate_routes_auth_register_count 2 number Allowed number of IP /register requests within window
limits_rate_routes_auth_register_window 43200 number IP /register rate limit window, in seconds
limits_absoluteRate_register_limit 25 number Absolute number of registrations instance-wide per window
limits_absoluteRate_register_window 3600000 number Global /register rate limit window, in seconds
limits_absoluteRate_register_enabled true boolean Whether absolute register rate limits are enabled
limits_absoluteRate_sendMessage_limit 200 number Absolute number of messages instance-wide per window
limits_absoluteRate_sendMessage_window 60000 number Global sendMessage window, in seconds
limits_absoluteRate_sendMessage_enabled true boolean Whether absolute message sending rate limits are enabled
security_captcha_enabled false boolean Whether to enable captchas for login/register
security_captcha_service null "recaptcha"/"hcaptcha" Which captcha service to use
security_captcha_sitekey null string Captcha service sitekey
security_captcha_secret null string Captcha service secret
security_twoFactor_generateBackupCodes true boolean Whether to generate backup codes for MFA users
security_requestSignature Secret secret string The signature required for CDN or Imagor usage
security_jwtSecret Secure secret string The secret used for user token generation
security_forwardedFor null string HTTP header for user's real IP.
security_ipdataApiKey Spacebar IPdata key string API key used for IP geolocation and proxy detection
security_mfaBackupCodeCount 10 number Number of MFA backup codes to generate
security_statsWorldReadable true boolean Whether instance stats are publically accessible or require right
security_defaultRegistrationTokenExpiration 604800000 number Seconds for registration tokens to expire
login_requireCaptcha false boolean Whether login requires captcha verification
login_requireVerification false boolean Whether login requires email verification
register_email_required false boolean Whether an email is required for registration
register_email_allowlist false boolean Whether register_email_domains is an allowlist
register_email_blocklist true boolean Whether register_email_domains is a blocklist
register_email_domains [] string[] The email domains list to use as a block/allow list
register_dateOfBirth_required true boolean Whether a date of birth is required for registration
register_dateOfBirth_minimum 13 number The minimum age of registration
register_password_required false boolean Whether a password is required for registration
register_password_minLength 8 number Minimum password length
register_password_minNumbers 2 number Minimum number of number characters in passwords
register_password_minUpperCase 2 number Minimum number of uppercase characters in passwords
register_password_minSymbols 0 number Minimum number of symbols in passwords
register_disabled false boolean Whether registration is disabled
register_requireCaptcha true boolean Whether registration requires captcha verification
register_requireInvite false boolean Whether registration requires a guild invite
register_guestsRequireInvite true boolean Whether guests accounts require a guild invite
register_allowMultipleAccounts true boolean Allow multiple accounts with the same client fingerprint
register_blockProxies true boolean Whether proxies are blocked from registration
register_incrementingDiscriminators false boolean Whether discriminators are random or incrementing
register_defaultRights 875069521787904 string The rights assigned to users upon registration
regions_default spacebar string The default voice region to use
regions_useDefaultAsOptimal true boolean Whether to calculate closest or use default as optimal voice region
regions_available_0_id spacebar string[] The available voice region IDs
regions_available_0_name Spacebar string[] The available voice region names
regions_available_0_endpoint string[] The available voice region endpoint URLs
regions_available_0_vip false boolean[] Whether this voice region is VIP exclusive
regions_available_0_custom false boolean[] Whether this is a custom voice region (used for events/etc)
regions_available_0_deprecated false boolean[] Whether this is a deprecated voice region (clients avoid these)
guild_discovery_showAllGuilds false boolean Whether guild discovery should show all guilds
guild_discovery_limit 24 number Maximum number of guild discovery elements per page
guild_autoJoin_enabled true boolean Whether users auto join guild(s) on registration
guild_autoJoin_canLeave true boolean Whether users can leave the auto-joined guild(s)
guild_defaultFeatures_0 null string Features automatically granted to guilds upon creation
gif_enabled true boolean Whether GIF features are enabled
gif_provider tenor "tenor" Which GIF service to use
gif_apiKey LIVDSRZULELA string GIF service API key
rabbitmq_host null string RabbitMQ connection string
templates_enabled true boolean Whether guild templates are enabled
templates_allowTemplateCreation true boolean Whether new guild templates can be created
templates_allowDiscordTemplates true boolean Whether guild templates from can be fetched
templates_allowRaws true boolean Whether raw guild templates are allowed
sentry_enabled false boolean Whether server-side Sentry analytics is enabled
sentry_endpoint Spacebar sentry endpoint string Sentry endpoint
sentry_traceSampleRate 1 number Sentry sample rate (1 means all requests)
sentry_environment System hostname string Sentry environment name
defaults_user_premium false boolean Whether users are given premium upon registration
defaults_user_premium_type 2 number The premium type given to users upon registration
defaults_user_verified true boolean Whether users get verified email upon registration
external_twitter null string Twitter API key used for Twitter embeds
email_provider null "smtp", "mailgun", "mailjet", "sendgrid" Which email transport to use
email_smtp_host null string SMTP Host for sending email
email_smtp_port null number SMTP port
email_smtp_secure null boolean Use TLS for SMTP
email_smtp_username null string SMTP username
email_smtp_password null string SMTP password
email_mailgun_apiKey null string Mailgun API key
email_mailgun_domain null string Mailgun domain
email_mailjet_apiKey null string Mailjet API key
email_mailjet_apiSecret null string Mailjet API secret
email_sendgrid_apiKey null string Sendgrid API key
passwordReset_requireCaptcha false boolean Require captcha to send password reset email