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Migrating from Staging

'Staging' refers to this branch of spacebar-server, which is deprecated in favour of the refactor branch (if this is a 404, its just become the main branch now).

If you were using SQLite, you will be unable to migrate to the new version. SQLite is primarily for testing and development purposes, and it should not be used for production.

To migrate from Staging:

  1. Download the new version of spacebar-server
    git clone
  2. Copy your .env file from your previous installation to the new spacebar-server folder.
  3. Copy any user data, specifically the files directory, to the new project root.
  4. npm i in new installation
  5. npm run setup
  6. npm run migrate-from-staging to run the migrations on your database
  7. npm run start to start the server

Make sure you modify any existing scripts of yours to use the new path, or just rename the old one and move the new one in its place.