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Rate Limiting

Spacebar has various forms of rate limiting built in. If you are logged in, you can bypass these with the BYPASS_RATE_LIMITS right

  • Absolute rate limits, which effect all requests to a route regardless of source (limits_absoluteRate_*)
  • User or IP specific rate limits (limits_rate_*)

Absolute ratelimiting

There are currently two types of absolute rate limiting:

  • limits_absoluteRate_register_* - Controls the absolute count of registrations allowed within a window. Useful for mitigating registration spam, in addition to captchas
  • limits_absoluteRate_sendMessage_* - Controls the absolute count of messages allowed to be sent within a window.

Absolute rate limits do not consider the source of the request, only the total number of requests instance-wide.

Both of the above are individually enabled.

User/IP specific ratelimiting

These rate limits are enabled with a single toggle (limits_rate_enabled)

  • limits_rate_ip_* - Controls the count of requests to any endpoint from a single IP over some window.
  • limits_rate_global_* - Number of requests to any endpoint for the same user and IP
  • limits_rate_error_* - Number of errors allowed per window for an IP
  • limits_rate_routes_guild_* - Guild related requests for same user and IP
  • limits_rate_routes_webhook_* - Webhook related requests for same user and IP
  • limits_rate_routes_channel_* - Channel related requests for same user and IP
  • limits_rate_routes_auth_login_* - Login requests for same user and IP
  • limits_rate_routes_auth_register_* - Register requests (successful only) for same IP

What do you mean by window and count?

Each ratelimiter accepts a window and count. The rate limiter tracks the number of requests to an endpoint within a window, in seconds. If number of requests within the last window seconds exceeds the count set, it will block the request.

For example, setting:

limits_rate_ip_count = 10
limits_rate_ip_window = 1

will prevent all requests to any API endpoints from an IP if they exceed 10 requests in 1 second.