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What is Spacebar?

Spacebar is a server implementation and extension, with the goal of complete feature parity with, all while adding some additional goodies, security, privacy, and configuration options.

Spacebar allows you to host a complete, chat service with complete control over it's content, usage, security, configuration, and featureset. Being will allow all existing clients, bots, and applications written for to be used on any Spacebar instance, which we believe will be immensely useful for any transition process between services.

As Spacebar is an entirely separate service from, it means a Spacebar server by itself cannot access private data controlled by You cannot use a Spacebar server to chat with your friends on You also cannot use a Spacebar server to grant premium ("Nitro") features to a account (although you can grant these to a Spacebar account).

Our goal is to achieve complete feature parity with, as well as implement additional security, privacy, and other useful features serverside. In addition to our server software, we aim to create Spacebar-aware clients that can be used to connect to multiple Spacebar-compatible instances with rich theming and plugin support.


For any kind of support regarding Spacebar, feel free to ask questions in our server or our official Spacebar instance.

For bug reporting and feature requests please create an issue on Github.