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Rights are instance-wide, per-user permissions for everything you may perform on the instance, such as sending messages, editing messages, or shutting down the server. They are separate from guild member permissions, which only apply to a given guild.

You may modify a users rights by editing the rights column in the users table.

The rights value is a bitfield string. To grant multiple rights you must add their values together. For example, to grant CREATE_GUILDS and SEND_MESSAGES, set their rights to
(1 << 15) = 32768 +
(1 << 25) = 33554432 =

The default rights value given to users (set through the register_defaultRights config value) is generated through the npm run generate:rights script. The script generates a rights value that mimicks


It is EXTREMELY DISCOURAGED to give OPERATOR rights to all users, or to set the default rights to OPERATOR. If your rights value is an odd number, that includes operator.

Operator rights currently grants access to the following, in addition to all rights:


Available rights

Right Value When enabled
OPERATOR 1 << 0 All rights
MANAGE_APPLICATIONS 1 << 1 Ability to alter or remove others' applications
MANAGE_GUILDS 1 << 2 Same as the per-guild MANAGE_GUILD permission, but applies to all guilds and DM channels, can join any guild without invite
MANAGE_MESSAGES 1 << 3 Can delete or edit any message they can read
MANAGE_RATE_LIMITS 1 << 4 Add, change, define rate limits of other users, can also grant others BYPASS_RATE_LIMITS when combined with BYPASS_RATE_LIMITS and MANAGE_USERS
MANAGE_ROUTING 1 << 5 Create, alter, enable, disable custom message routing rules in any channel/guild
MANAGE_TICKETS 1 << 6 Respond to or resolve other users' support tickets
MANAGE_USERS 1 << 7 Create, alter, remove, ban users; create, modify, remove user groups
ADD_MEMBERS 1 << 8 Can manually add members into their guilds and group DMs
BYPASS_RATE_LIMITS 1 << 9 Makes the user exempt from all rate limits
CREATE_APPLICATIONS 1 << 10 Can create, edit, remove own applications
CREATE_CHANNELS 1 << 11 Can create guild channels and custom channels
CREATE_DMS 1 << 12 Can create 1:1 DMs (a user without SEND_MESSAGES cannot be added however)
CREATE_DM_GROUPS 1 << 13 Can create group DMs (a user without SEND_MESSAGES cannot be added however)
CREATE_GUILDS 1 << 14 Can create guilds
CREATE_INVITES 1 << 15 Can create mass invites in the guilds that they have CREATE_INSTANT_INVITE
CREATE_ROLES 1 << 16 Can create roles and per-guild or per-channel permission overrides in the guilds that they have permissions
CREATE_TEMPLATES 1 << 17 Can create templates for guilds, custom channels and channels with custom routing
CREATE_WEBHOOKS 1 << 18 Can create webhooks in the guilds that they have permissions
JOIN_GUILDS 1 << 19 Can join guilds by using invites or vanity names
PIN_MESSAGES 1 << 20 Can modify the pinned messages in the guilds that they have permission
SELF_ADD_REACTIONS 1 << 21 Can react to messages, subject to permissions
SELF_DELETE_MESSAGES 1 << 22 Can delete own messages
SELF_EDIT_MESSAGES 1 << 23 Can edit own messages
SELF_EDIT_NAME 1 << 24 Can edit own username, nickname and avatar
SEND_MESSAGES 1 << 25 Can send messages in the channels that they have permissions
USE_ACTIVITIES 1 << 26 Can use voice activities, such as watch together or whiteboard
USE_VIDEO 1 << 27 Can use video and screenshare in guilds/channels that they have permissions
USE_VOICE 1 << 28 Can use voice in guilds/channels that they have permissions
INVITE_USERS 1 << 29 Can create user-specific invites in guilds that they have INVITE_USERS
SELF_DELETE_DISABLE 1 << 30 Can delete/disable own account
DEBTABLE 1 << 31 Can use pay-to-use features once paid
CREDITABLE 1 << 32 Can earn money using monetization features in guilds that have MONETIZATION_ENABLED
KICK_BAN_MEMBERS 1 << 33 Can kick or ban guild or group DM members in the guilds/groups that they have KICK_MEMBERS, or BAN_MEMBERS
SELF_LEAVE_GROUPS 1 << 34 Can leave the guilds or group DMs that they joined on their own (one can always leave a guild or group DMs they have been force-added)
PRESENCE 1 << 35 Inverts the presence confidentiality default (OPERATOR's presence is not routed by default, others' are) for a given user
SELF_ADD_DISCOVERABLE 1 << 36 Can mark discoverable guilds that they have permissions to mark as discoverable
MANAGE_GUILD_DIRECTORY 1 << 37 Can change anything in the primary guild directory
POGGERS 1 << 38 Can send confetti, screenshake, random user mention (@someone)
USE_ACHIEVEMENTS 1 << 39 Can use achievements and cheers
INITIATE_INTERACTIONS 1 << 40 Can initiate interactions
RESPOND_TO_INTERACTIONS 1 << 41 Can respond to interactions
SEND_BACKDATED_EVENTS 1 << 42 Can send backdated events
USE_MASS_INVITES 1 << 43 Can accept mass (guild) invites
ACCEPT_INVITES 1 << 44 Can accept user-specific invites and DM requests
SELF_EDIT_FLAGS 1 << 45 Can modify own flags
EDIT_FLAGS 1 << 46 Can modify other's flags
MANAGE_GROUPS 1 << 47 Can manage other's groups
VIEW_SERVER_STATS 1 << 48 Can view server stats /api/policies/stats
RESEND_VERIFICATION_EMAIL 1 << 49 Can resend verification emails (/auth/verify/resend)