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When must the server restart?

Spacebar-server must restart in the following cases:

  • The .env file or config (database or CONFIG_PATH has changed.
  • Files in the client_test, preload-plugins folders of inside assets have changed.
  • Files inside src have changed (remember to npm run build).
  • The assets/schemas.json file has changed.
  • The RabbitMQ connection has been lost.

For all other cases, you do not need to restart the server. For example:

  • Running npm run generate:client
  • Running npm run generate:changelog
  • Editing any table in the database other than config. For example, to edit a users rights
  • Database connection was lost (this should auto reconnect)

This is not an exhaustive list. If a change you made is not applied, the first thing you should try is restarting.