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Legacy Client

This version is no longer under active development! Please see React Client for the current in-development version.

Windows support is currently broken.

Official host

The client will connect to our official instance by default, or you can use it to connect to your own instance by editing your local storage to include the routeSettings key with the below example content:

    "api": "",
    "cdn": "",
    "gateway": "wss://",
    "invite": "",
    "template": "",
    "gift": "",
    "scheduledEvent": ""

Replace the above endpoints with your own. If your domain name is, then you'll most likely want to enter for the API endpoint, etc.

You can also edit these settings by visiting



In your terminal:

# Download Spacebar Client
git clone -b legacy-v2

# Enter the cloned directory
cd client

# Install dependencies
yarn install

To start the client with Metro for development, run

yarn start

Platform-specific development commands:

For development for Android, run

yarn android

For development for iOS, run

yarn ios

For development for Windows, run

yarn windows

To build static files for the web (i.e. when hosting it yourself), run

yarn build:web

Files will be built to web-build. These files need to be served by a Web Server such as Nginx or Apache, the index.html file cannot just be opened in a browser.


This version is no longer being developed, you are free to clone the repository and make your own changes though!