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For Instance Owners

The below are the rules for instance owners who look to be featured in our community instances list. If you do not meet these criteria, your instance will simply not be featured on our website.

Your instance:

  1. Rules must be in line with our Code of Conduct.
  2. Must not contain any Discord Inc. branding, such as including "cord" in the name or the Discord logo in promotional material.
  3. Must not host the Discord Inc. client in any capacity.
  4. Must be moderated for at least publically accessible guilds. This includes guilds accessible from Discovery or a 'guild directory' channel in an auto join guild.
  5. Must have at least regular uptime, meaning it is available at a consistent time of day.
  6. Must have a valid and monitored general_correspondenceEmail config set.
  7. Must not have default rights that include operator or other administrative rights.
  8. Enable Imagor, as no image proxy allows attackers to learn user IP addresses.
  9. Have a valid SSL/TLS certificate for all endpoints.

We recommend (not required) that you:

  • Enable Email verification, for anti-spam purposes
  • Enable Captcha, for anti-spam purposes
  • Run your instance under SystemD or a similar system in your distro, for automatic restarting
  • Provide some mechanism for users to report content. This may be as simple as more openly advertising your correspondence email (i.e. outside GET /api/policies/instance or /api/ping)
  • Provide some mechanism for instance status, such as Grafana.
  • Host a /.well-known/spacebar file on the domain you wish users associate with your instance, e.g. If doing so, use this domain as the url field in your community instances PR.