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React Client

The Spacebar client is under heavy development and not ready to be used in production yet.

The official Spacebar client is currently being developed at this repository.

Official host

The client is currently hosted at You can use it to connect to our official instance by default, or you can use it to connect to your own instance by editing the Instance field on the login page.


If you've set up wellknown, you can enter that address here. I.e. If you haven't, you'll need to enter the API endpoint address


If you're using the app at, you'll need to make sure your instance allows CORS from that address.



In your terminal:

# Download Spacebar Client
git clone

# Enter the cloned directory
cd client

# Install dependencies
pnpm install

To start the client for development, run

pnpm dev

To build static files for the web (i.e. when hosting it yourself), run

pnpm build

Files will be built to build. These files need to be served by a Web Server such as Nginx or Apache, the index.html file cannot just be opened in a browser.


To contribute:

What can I contribute?

  • "Core" features like settings, editing messages, dms, markdown rendering, etc. What do you think are basic features that you would want? Some of the GitHub Issues apply to this.
  • Implementing other things like voice/video is fine too, though
  • This is a good starting point and lists the core features that are still missing from the client.