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Code of Conduct

By contributing to or interacting with Spacebar or Spacebar community spaces, you accept the code of conduct.

This code of conduct is based on the Artemis Lena Code of Conduct by FantasyCookie17. As it is licensed under CC0, it may be used by other communities in modified or unmodified form without permission from the author. Its purpose is to ensure a civilised, tolerant, compassionate, helpful, pluralistic, and peaceful style of communication.

Spacebar community spaces includes Spacebar github repositories and Spacebar development guilds (be it on or Spacebar instances mananged by the Spacebar maintainers group).

By contributing to any Spacebar projects (for example, through pull request) you guarantee that you have the rights to resign all rights to Spacebar under the AGPLV3 license.

Desirable Behaviour

  • If possible, provide assistance with Spacebar projects to other users.
  • Be respectful toward other's opinions and viewpoints.
  • Accepting responsibility and apologizing to those affected for our mistakes.

Prohibited Behaviour

  1. Sharing leaked, proprietary source code from Discord Inc
  2. Homophobia, transphobia, etc, misgendering, deadnaming, assuming gender. You should use singular they/them when in doubt.
  3. Threats of violence
  4. Harassment
  5. Spreading hateful, violent, or discriminatory ideologies or conspiracy theories, via media or text (including avatars and nicknames)
  6. Trolling. Intentionally derailing conversations or producing discussions on non-issues.
  7. Doxing. Disclosing other's private information without their consent.
  8. Spamming. This includes sending advertisements, repeatedly sending meaningless content, sending server invites unrequested.
  9. Sharing media that may cause harm or be triggering to others, such as flashing imagery or gore.
  10. Undesired automation of services that may lead to a reduction in service quality. For example, API spam of a Spacebar instance.
  11. Ban evasion. Creation of additional accounts used to join a community after being banned from that community.
  12. Posting content that is illegal to publish or distribute in Germany.
  13. Abusing loopholes in this code of conduct, or being in conflict with the goals of this code of conduct.

Consequences of Violation

  • Written warnings, followed by kicks or bans if repeated.
  • If a violation is particularly egregious, an immediate kick or ban may be issued.
  • Offending content may be removed
  • Kicks and bans apply to all communities administered by the Spacebar maintainers group.

Reporting problems

You may report any violation of this code of conduct to the Spacebar community team directly through Discord, private message or otherwise.

If you believe us to be in violation of this code of conduct, please report it to someone in a higher position, or to many people on the team. Make sure to provide a direct quote from here to be as effective as possible.

Changes to this document

This code of conduct may be changed in order to enhance clarity and precision at any time. Notification should be provided