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Environment Variables

Below is a list of environment variables used by Spacebar. You can set environment variables easily by creating an .env file in the spacebar-server folder, with the format NAME=VALUE with each on new lines.

Name Value Description
THREADS number Number of threads to run Spacebar on when using bundle. Make sure you've enabled RabbitMQ if using more than one
PORT number Port to listen on. Used by all components, including bundle. If using bundle, all components run under the same port
DATABASE string Database connection string. Defaults to SQlite3 at project root
CONFIG_PATH string File path for JSON config, if not using config db table
WS_LOGEVENTS boolean If set, log websocket events except messages from gateway
WS_VERBOSE boolean If set, log websocket messages sent/received by gateway
WS_DUMP boolean If set, dump websocket messages sent/received to disk
CDN string Lowest priority value for public CDN annoucements
GATEWAY string Lowest priority value for public gateway annoucements
STORAGE_LOCATION string CDN storage location. File path or S3 bucktet
STORAGE_PROVIDER "s3" or "file" CDN storage provider
STORAGE_BUCKET string S3 bucket name
STORAGE_REGION string S3 storage region
DB_LOGGING boolean if "true" logs all SQL queries to the terminal
LOG_REQUESTS filter What requests to log, per response code (eg. -200 to log every non-200 response code, or 404 to log requests with a not found status code)